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Generative AI Use Case Ideation and Prioritisation

We go beyond educating.
We help you identify Generative AI use cases for your business.

Use case workshop sessions:

Introduce, Inspire & Prioritize


Understand the opportunities of AI and define your Generative AI Strategy. We start with a Masterclass for fundamental understanding of where value can lie regarding Generative AI implementation. Then we continue with use case ideation and prioritisation together with the team. 


Session 1 - Introduction and Inspiration

Introducing generative ai

A disruptive force transforming industries

Adapting to the new world

How generative ai impacts day to day jobs

Unravelling the mystery

Making sense of generative ai

Mastering prompts

Unlocking the power of generative ai

Turning theory into practice

Real world strategy venture capital use cases

Session 2 - Use Case Workshop


Explanation of GenAI workshop set-up

Brainstorm in break-outs

Brainstorming use cases for your company

Group prioritization

Reflection of the use cases and prioritization


Q&A and next steps

Tailored needs?
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