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Koen Verschuren

MSc Artificial Intelligence (AI)

As a trainer, I bring a wealth of technical and strategic experience from various roles, including working as a Full Stack A.I. Developer at ING, founding BigData Republic, a data science consultancy firm, and serving as the Head of Data Strategy at SparkOptimus. I have also held the position of Digital Director at Egeria, a private equity firm, where I was responsible for guiding portfolio companies in developing and executing their digital strategies.

My expertise includes designing, prototyping, and productizing data services, such as creating customer recommendation engines and fraud detection systems.

As a senior-level consultant and trainer, I have guided numerous clients in data science, engineering, and architecture. My unique blend of strategic and technical knowledge allows me to effectively teach practical applications of Generative AI, ensuring participants gain valuable insights for their respective industries.


Wouter van Haaften

MSc Business Information Management


I have a passion for building digital businesses. 

As a Digital Strategy consultant at SparkOptimus, I worked on over 15 projects, focusing on digital strategy, transformation, due diligence, and AI & analytics. I've worked with various B2B and B2C industries like chemical distribution, beverages, pet nutrition, secondment, adhesives, online retail, and FMCG in Europe, the Middle East, and India.

My passion for entrepreneurship led me to co-found Beterwijninkopen | Buywinebetter, a B2B marketplace aiming to bring total transparency to the wine industry.

My mix of strategic thinking, technical skills, and entrepreneurial drive makes me a standout in the digital field. Connect with me to learn from my experience and discover how you can help you successfully apply Generative AI in your strategy.

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